Beautiful Mountains and Valleys Collection

This photograph taken at golden hour captures the stunning beauty of Mount Hood during the autumn season from a breathtaking aerial perspective. The mountain stands tall and proud amidst a sea of vineyards and orchards, with a light mist and fog overlaying some of the fields, creating a mystical and ethereal ambiance. The foreground is awash with a sea of fall colors, with leaves of golden yellows, rich oranges, and deep reds creating a stunning contrast against the muted tones of the mist.

The blue sky above is a striking contrast to the warm hues of the sunrise that cast a golden light on the mountain and surrounding landscape, creating a stunning play of light and shadow. The photograph captures the natural beauty of the Oregon landscape, showcasing the majesty of Mount Hood and the stunning fall colors that abound in the region. The image is a testament to the power of nature and a reminder of the breathtaking beauty that can be found in the world around us.

The Story Behind the Photograph.

I got up at 3 o'clock in the morning for this photograph. I had found a great spot in vineyards and orchards around Mt Hood and so I drove from Portland on Highway I84 to US35, to that spot. It was very cold, about 25 degrees out and I was glad I had dressed warmly. When I reached the location, I began to setting up the drone. After a preflight check, I took off and put the drone up to the 400 foot maximum and started looking for the right spot based on my location and the location of the sun. A drone gives me the ability to reposition the location from which I take the actual photograph and this added flexibility often gives me whole new ideas and perspectives. With all the mist in the air, the cold temperatures, and the way the sun was hitting the mist, it created a magical look to everything. I waited a while for the sun to get to the angle you see in the photograph and when everything looked just right, I took four photographs left to right across the horizon. This image is a panorama made up of three of those four separate photographs, taken a fraction of a second apart, and then are stitched together. Back at home I processed each separate photograph and then combined them into this final result. I hope you enjoy this magical moment in time with the orchards, vineyards, the sun and Mt Hood!

This stunning photograph captures the essence of autumn in North Central Washington. The image showcases amazing clouds and trees in full fall colors, with white water rapids extending into the distance on the Icicle River. Brooding clouds add a sense of drama to the scene, but the sun cutting through them creates a spotlight effect, highlighting the river, hillside, and fall colors. The colors of autumn are on full display, with hues of gold, orange, and red creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This photograph is a perfect representation of the beauty and splendor of fall in the Pacific Northwest.