Photographs of Beautiful Mountains and Valleys

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of nature with the Beautiful Mountains and Valleys Collection. This stunning selection of images showcases the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon and North Central Washington, highlighting the breathtaking sights of Mount Hood, vibrant fall foliage, and the serene Icicle River. Witness the captivating interplay of light and shadow during golden hour, as well as the mesmerizing contrasts of misty tones and warm hues. Revel in the unparalleled beauty of the region's mountains, valleys, and rivers, and let these images transport you to the heart of the Pacific Northwest's enchanting charm.

This golden hour photo captures Mount Hood's incredible beauty during autumn from a striking aerial view. The mountain towers over vineyards and orchards, with a gentle mist and fog adding a mystical touch to some fields. The foreground displays a sea of vibrant fall colors, featuring golden yellows, rich oranges, and deep reds that contrast beautifully with the misty tones.

The blue sky above contrasts with the warm sunrise hues, casting a golden light on the mountain and landscape, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. The image highlights Oregon's natural beauty, showcasing Mount Hood's majesty and the region's brilliant fall colors. This photo reminds us of nature's power and the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us.

The Story Behind the Photograph.

I woke up at 3 a.m. to capture this shot. I had discovered a fantastic spot among the vineyards and orchards near Mt Hood, so I drove from Portland on Highway I84 to US35 to reach it. The temperature was around 25 degrees, and I was grateful for my warm clothing. Once I arrived, I started setting up my drone.

After a preflight check, I launched the drone and raised it to the 400-foot maximum height. I searched for the perfect angle based on my position and the sun's location. The drone allowed me to adjust my shooting spot, which often leads to new ideas and perspectives. The mist in the air, the cold temperature, and the sunlight hitting the mist created a magical scene.

I waited for the sun to reach the angle seen in the photo, and when everything looked just right, I took four photos from left to right across the horizon. This panorama consists of three of those four images, taken a fraction of a second apart and stitched together. I processed each photo at home and combined them into the final result.

I hope you enjoy this enchanting moment, featuring orchards, vineyards, the sun, and Mt Hood!

This captivating photo captures the spirit of fall in North Central Washington. The picture showcases impressive clouds and trees bursting with autumn colors, alongside white water rapids of the Icicle River. The dramatic clouds add intensity to the scene, while the sun breaks through, spotlighting the river, hillside, and vibrant foliage. Autumn's colors take center stage, with shades of gold, orange, and red creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance. This image perfectly embodies the beauty and charm of fall in the Pacific Northwest.